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Zoe Hardwicke


Zoe Hardwicke


The Nightingale Effect

Georgia McBride Books, March 2015 – US rights only.

“When it’s your job to save others, sometimes you forget to save yourself” 

Debut novel from American author.  Think Sex in the City meets Grey’s Anatomy.   Commercial women’s fiction.  Grace, Cherry and Joanne share a house and commute to Manhattan from a small remote fishing village in the north Bronx of Manhattan called City Island. It is home to an old seafarer’s bar called ‘White Caps' , where they often gather after their shifts to unwind.  It’s the story of Grace, and her relationship with a movie star patient, small town Cherry who is looking for Park Avenue doctor husband and biker chic Joanne, who looks like Cher when she was 30 and is addicted to her drug addict ex-husband.  These modern nurses –  women on the forefront of medicine have to fight for respect amidst the hierarchy of the metropolitan hospital  where women are still the lowest on the totem pole as far as the male surgeons, administrators and doctors are  concerned. Grace, Cherry and Joanne juggle with 24 hour shifts, moment to moment emergencies and dramatic life and death events, as they try to figure out what they really want in life.