Sharon Krum

Sharon Krum

The Doctor Will See You Now

The Doctor Will See You Now is the story of standup comedian Abigail Hicks, a feisty redhead with a smart mouth who believes the right to turn her childhood, her life and her dysfunctional family into comedy should be written into the Constitution.

What’s the point of doing time in the Girl Scouts if you can’t later burn your troop leader and all those awful cookies you baked in a (Girl Scout regulation) bonfire? Making audiences smile and delivering the funny are her consuming passion, but when Abigail finds herself left standing at the altar on her wedding day, she’s hardly laughing. But soon she will,  as under the stage lights and in front of a microphone- with emotional sustenance provided by a psychic, a dress and a polar bear- she wittily exacts her revenge. But be careful what you wish for….

he Doctor Will See You Now is a romantic comedy starring one comedienne, two lovers, three partners in crime, told in four acts, across five cities. In other words, “Paging Dr Freud. Dr Freud please come to reception.…”

The Thing About Jane Spring

Viking/UK. Century /UK, Urano/Spain/Mondadori/Italy, Amphora/Russia,btb, Droemer/Germany, Woojin (Novelmine)/Korea.

At thirty-one, Jane Spring has everything a woman could ask for and seemingly everything a man could long for—great legs, brains, rising star status in the Manhattan D.A.’s office—but she just can’t find a man who’ll fall madly in love with her. Men are always lining up to ask her out, but for some reason no one wants a second date.

So Jane resolves to change her tack. One snowy night while watching a Doris Day marathon on cable it hits her: Doris Day always got her man. Trading her nondescript black pantsuit for petal pink Chanel and pearls, Jane dyes her hair, stops cursing, softens her voice, paints her nails— even her apartment—and embarks on a fun-filled journey to find the smart, sweet, gorgeous, capable, ambitious, courageous, loving, adoring, hardworking man of her dreams.

Walk of Fame

Tom Webster is a dreary nobody; nice enough, but neither a head-turner or a hell-raiser, until he's given the opportunity to become an uber-celebrity. The assignment:A major magazine gives Tom30-days in which to make himself famous, using any, and they mean any,means necessary.The pay-off: Fame, glory, and $100,000.When the assignment spins out of control, Tom takes a wild ride on the celebrity machine with a B-list film actress who wants to be working on Shakespeare in the Park rather than her buxom physique, her slimy agent, his best friend, (who happens to have stolen his wife), a boss desperate to capitalize on Tom's celebrity, and a fame obsessed magazine editor who wants a finished article from Tom above all else.As his level of fame escalates, Tom becomes trapped in his own lies and the cult of celebrity - while everyone around him grabs their fifteen minutes. And then, just when everything seems perfect, Tom will make the decision of his life- turning the tables on the paparazzi, the hangers on, and his scheming counterparts.