Jin Ki Do


Jin Ki Do


Do, Jin Ki majored in law at Seoul National University and had an LLM at the same school. He passed the judicial examination in 1994 and became a judge. In 2010, he made his debut as a writer, winning the New Artist Award of the Korean Mystery Writer Association with his short story, Selection. For the next eight years, he worked as a judge on weekdays and a novelist on weekends releasing eight full-length novels. In February 2017, he left the office as a chief prosecuting attorney at the Seoul Northern District Court and became a lawyer.

Lawyer Go Jin series, Detective Gu series,and others.

2010 New Artist Award of Korean Mystery Writer Association
2014 Korean Mystery Writer Association Award 


Reasonable Doubt

Bestselling courtroom psychological thriller. A cerebral page-turner with exciting action and drama that accelerates towards a shocking conclusion. Explores the complexity of justice and the conflicting morals of those whose job it is to carry out the law. Compared to John Grisham and his bestselling work The Rainmaker.

This story is about a judge named Hyun and the “Jelly Murder Case”. In this case, a woman named Miss. Kim is accused of killing her boyfriend for insurance money; the problem is that, while Miss. Kim seems obviously guilty, there is no direct evidence to support the accusation. In other words, they cannot prove she killed him without any reasonable doubt. Judge Hyun, however, is convinced that Miss. Kim is guilty and in a surprising turn of events goes against the jury’s verdict, sentencing Kim to life in prison. Miss. Kim appeals the verdict and wins in court, reversing the verdict to not guilty. Feeling bad for the persecutor’s family, Judge Hyun contacts the family of the deceased and tells them of a way to work around double jeopardy and receive monetary compensation from the women through a civil suit. And this is where everything goes awry. Miss. Kim, who was spying on Judge Hyun when he met with the prosecutor’s family, contacts Judge Hyun and blackmails him, demanding from him the money she will surely have to pay through an hopeless civil suit. Miss. Kim’s manipulative behavior forces Judge Hyun to eventually succumb to her demands. However, before the civil suit begins, Miss. Kim is killed by a vigilante seeking justice. The twist is that the person who killed her was another judge involved in the case who regrets his decision to declare the murder not guilty.