Zach Schonfeld


Zach Schonfeld


Zach Schonfeld was a senior writer for Newsweek, where he covers culture for the print magazine. Previously, he was an editorial fellow for The Atlantic Wire and an editor for He's a graduate of Wesleyan University, where he was editor-in-chief of the campus blog Wesleying and a recipient of an Olin Fellowship to study historic preservation. He has also written for The AV Club, Rolling Stone, The Nation, Pitchfork, The Atlantic, The Rumpus, Noisey, and other publications. He is currently finishing a book for Bloomsbury 33 ½ series.


Truly Batshit: The Secret History of Vampire’s Kiss, the Craziest Nicolas Cage Movie of All Time

Proposal available August 1 and delivery of complete book in 2020.

Narrative non-fiction book about the making of Vampire’s Kiss which overlooked when it was released 30 years ago but which has become a cult classic with millions of youtube hits and it’s popularity is growing day by day.  The book is developed from the article Zach wrote for The Ringer: Https://

Thirty years ago, it was a flop. Now it’s clearly the blueprint for Cage’s career of wild and absurd performances. From dead bodies to mechanical bats, this is the inside story of a bizarre cult classic.