Conchita Wurst


Conchita Wurst


I, Conchita We Are Unstoppable

US rights only. John Blake.UK/May 2015, Archipel/France, Mondadori/Italy. 

A clear message of tolerance and love.  The inspiring memoir of pop sensation Conchita Wurst, a drag queen born in a tiny Austrian village who went on to conquer the world of music when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014.  With a beard, should length hair, and a sequin evening gown, she became world famous.  With a forward by Jean Paul Gaultier, the author tells her life story, struggles with being gay, harsh discrimination as well as praise from European Parliaments and artists like Cher, Karl Lagerfeld,iiGeorge and others.  At once, polarizing and completely fascinating, this is a unique and powerful memoir of how to be yourself.