Rando Kim

Rando Kim

Youth, It’s Painful

Sold to Mondadori/Italy, Contact/Holland, Editora Sextante/Brazil, Amarin/Thailand, First News/Vietnam, Discovery 21/Japan, Eurasian/Taiwan, Guangxi Science & Technology Publishing House/China. Totally 8 foreign publishers have bought this book. 
omplete English ms. Considered the Korean Deepock Chopra, with over Over one million copies sold, #1 bestseller for over 25 weeks. This book is on the bestselling list in both China and Thailand.


Korean bestselling mentor , Professor Kim’s book is comprised of 42 essays for people in the 20’s struggling to find a path. It is a profound and compelling work that was first published on the internet and it went viral, touching the hearts of countless young people. Now just published in Korea, it sold over 500,000 copies in a

few months. A universal book that offers a fresh perspective and new approach for advice. The book is broken down into four sections, including career advice, job finding, direction of life, financial issues, love and personal relationships. Professor Kim presents his “Clock Of Life”, inviting young people to understand where they stand in their lifespan- in the context of a clock that runs for 24 hours.

According to his theory, the life of a 24 year old stands at 7:12 in the morning. It naturally led readers to realize that there is really no such thing as being too late to do something with their life. Part 2 includes “ The Rock Bottom is Not as Far Down as You ThinK” and Part 3 includes “Miracles happen Slowly” Part 4 is “A Tomorrow-Driven Life” in which Kim relates real-life episodes that he personally experienced with young people while he was a professor, addressing their concerns over finding a job, building a career and a college life. This book will prove to be a great guiding light for young people who are expected to learn how to stand strong and alone, in life.