Seo Mi-Ae

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Seo Mi-Ae


The Only Child

Woongjin Thinkbig Co./Korea,2010. English synopsis and partial. WEL rights sold to Zachary Wagman for Ecco Press/HarperCollins

The  Only Child It has sold to Giunti/Italy, Heyne/Germany,Dobrovsky/Czech, Ambo Anthos/the Netherlands so far. Film rights were sold to Carnival Films   It is the first book in translation they have aquired.   It will be published in November ’19 in US. 

Sold to Carnival Films

A criminal psychologist LEE Seon-gyong is surprised when she hears that the infamous serialkiller LEE Byeong-do has requested to see her. Simultaneously, her husband has brought in his daughter Hayeong from his ex-wife for help. As hard as she tries to build trust in counseling the female serial killer , Seongyeong puts the same effort to get closer to her step-daughter who soon begins to show signs of dangerous cruelty. It confuses her to find a resemblance between her step daughter and her patient , but it only gets worse as she learns more about what makes each of them tick. Is a killer born or made? Home is the fundamental place where a child learns lessons of morality and character or does it matter? The author illustrates the process of psychological contamination in which the innocence of a child is corrupted by the selfishness and ignorance of adults. The writers' voice is sometimes calm, sometimes sad. She describes the serial killer's mother and her step-daughter's birth parents as unqualified to raise a rational child. Have they created social monsters out of their children? Or were they born that way? A bitter warning about domestic violence and its never-ending cycle written with such poise and restraint that the reader is left all the more speechless in the end.