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Andrea Claudia Hoffmann


Andrea Claudia Hoffmann


You can discover more about Andrea Hoffmann at her website: http://andreachoffmann.de/en/home

A Daughter of Darkness

Czech Republic, Euromedia Group Netherlands, HarperCollins Italy, Centauria PortugalEdicoes, ASA II SA UK, Little, Brown US, Other Press And of course Germany, dtv.
English proposal available.

(Co-agented for Christine Proske and
BJZAgency global team.)
Dtv/Germany, Little Brown UK Commonwealth, Other Press , US- Spring,
May 17. Sold to HarperCollins Holland, Centauria/Italy, Asa/Portugal. Bestselling journalist/co-author of THE GIRL WHO BEAT ISIS (available in Skanadanvia) 

The story of Patience Ibrahim’s Escape from Boko Haram Hoffmann is acclaimed journalist and co-author of bestselling THE GIRL WHO BEAT ISIS, RAIF BADAWI, THE VOICE OF FREEDOM and others. She is a senior correspondent for Focus Magazine.


Raif Badawi: The Voice of Freedom: My Husband, Our Story

Lubbe/Germany, Richard Beswick/ Little Brown, UK- UK & Commonwealth & Canada, Judith Gurewich/Other Press US. L’Archipel/World French rights.

The whole world knows the face of the young man with the bright black eyes. He is in the process of becoming an icon, a symbol, similar to the famous photo of Che Guevara. The face is that of Raif Badawi, who was nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. Arrested in Saudi Arabia, he was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment and 1000 lashes – a de facto death sentence.

The woman who succeeded in getting such people as Barack Obama, Prince Charles and Germany’s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to appeal personally to the Saudi King for Badawi’s release is his wife, Ensaf Haidar, who began the campaign to free her husband with a self-painted poster in front of a small church in Sherbrooke, Canada.

When Raif Badawi and Ensaf Haidar fell in love with each other as adolescents, they did so in violation of every moral precept in the strictly Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During their clandestine love affair, the young couple had no idea that, more than a decade later, Ensaf’s love for Raif would attract the attention of politicians from around the world as the blogger’s wife now mobilises global public opinion in an effort to save her husband from murder at the hands of the Saudi judiciary. With a courage born of desperation, she is fighting from exile in Canada to secure the release of the father of her three children, and is bringing great pressure to bear on the murderous regime in her native country.

Ensaf Haidar tells Raif’s and her own story: the story of their shared liberal ideas and her fight for her husband’s release.

The Girl Who Beat ISIS

"Shattering, brave, angering account" (The Bookseller)

"How much can a single person endure? Traumatised, uprooted, abused - Farida continues to deal with the consequences of ISIS. Nevertheless, this memoir is full of hope. She is a very strong individual, she has the heart of a lioness. An amazing story that encourages us never to keep quiet or to give in" (Frank Heinrich, German Parliamentary Speaker on Human Rights)

"Farida tells her story courageously and bravely as she describes how she resisted attempts to convert, marry and rape her, for so long in some cases that the ISIS henchmen actually left her alone" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"Farida shows the good and bad sides of religion. She criticises aspects of her own upbringing like certain religious taboos - such nuance is impressive" (HEUTE.de)

"Her story highlights atrocities, but it is also a moving account of how friendship, love and the will to survive are mightier than any barbarism" (Anzeiger)

Fireda Abbas was seventeen years old when, in August 2014, her village in the mountains of Northern Iraq was attacked by ISIS terrorists. The terrorists rounded up all the men and boys and slaughtered them, before taking the girls as prisoners. The massacre of their village was one of many ISIS atrocities against the Yazidi Christians which made headline news worldwide. 

For months, Fireda endured hell on earth. She had her teeth checked like an animal in slave markets and was passed from one man to the next, repeatedly beaten and raped. But Fireda is a fighter. With huge courage she stood up to her captors in the face of this horror, calling out their un-Koranic behaviour. Eventually her defiance paid off as she led 6 other girls in a daring escape.  

Rowan Yapp, Editorial Director, Square Peg has bought English language & Commonwealth rights to The Girl Who Beat ISIS from Jihadi Kidnap, the true story of a young girl’s defiant escape from ISIS enslavement, by Fireda Abbas. Fireda’s groundbreaking insight into the female experience behind ISIS enemy lines is co-written with Andrea-Claudia Hoffman and UK rights were handled by Barbara Zitwer.  

Dr Andrea-Claudia Hoffman is political editor and Middle East expert for the news magazine Focus and has been travelling the region for more than 15 years. She recently co-authored Reach for the stars, sister!, a memoir of the first female Afghan fighter pilot, published by Droemer..