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Welcome Hassan Riaz to the agency!

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Welcome Hassan Riaz and his debut, THE LOST SON, a remarkable thriller that is literary, philosophical, terrifying and extremely accomplished.  As we near the Fourth of July and think about the state of our country,  Hassan Riaz’ book is a shocking and clear illumination of what we are all on the brink of.  

Hassan Riaz is the 2nd generation Pakastani son of a family of surgeons and doctors.  He is a general doctor who works at his own practice also owned by his semi-retired father in Los Angeles.  At 43, he is a practicing Muslim and a devoted doctor, writing during early mornings and late at night.  He wrote his debut novel after seven years of publishing short stories in various literary reviews.  This book took a year and a half to write and he has planned out his second novel which will be a medical thriller.  He is a meticulous researcher and very much a deep thinker.  

I firmly believe that THE LOST SON captures the moment and strongly expresses the zeitgeist of the times.  The main character of Jamal Stone, is a moral man in an insane world of violence, repression and war.  Both sides are the same and the point of the book is that. I read the book in one sitting. It’s a page turner, has a tight and meticulously plotted narrative. It’s like a Greek Classic- like the Iliad and the Odyssey, this story is about a man on a treacherous journey trying to find his son.  His trials and tribulations are hellish but his resolve and love of his son propel him no matter what.  I have been haunted by the book since I read it.  I think all readers, especially be entranced by it.  We are so excited to represent Hassan Riaz and see this is the beginning of his global bestselling career!  What a great movie this will make!