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Books: South Korean writer Jeong You-jeong explores the darkness of humanity in her thrillers

Jeong You-jeong

Jeong You-jeong

The 52-year-old, one of South Korea's best-selling thriller writers, says in an e-mail interview through a translator: "Something hot and heavy rumbled at the bottom of my chest and I couldn't breathe. I began to wail. Never before or since have I sobbed like that over a book."

She decided then that she wanted to write stories so absorbing, they would make readers forget where they were. "I want them to spend all night, their souls burning, and greet dawn, spent. I want the world to burn with passion through me."

Jeong has delved into the darkness of the human mind in her novels, from vengeance-twisted fathers to serial killers. "The darkness of humanity is the force propelling my work," she says.

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