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Tales From North Korea at The Cheltenham Literature Festival

In 1989 a North Korean dissident writer, known to us only by the pseudonym Bandi, began to write a series of stories about life under Kim Il-sung’s totalitarian regime. Smuggled out of North Korea and recently published, The Accusation provides a unique and shocking window on the world’s most secretive of countries. Do Hee-Yun, the South Korean activist responsible for bringing the manuscript to publication and Jieun Baek, author of North Korea’s Hidden Revolution join Rosie Goldsmith to discuss these remarkable tales – and their extraordinary journey to public view.
— http://www.cheltenhamfestivals.com/literature/whats-on/2017/tales-from-north-korea/

The Cheltenham Literature Festival will be discussing Bandi's The Accusation in October. You can purchase tickets here.