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Welcome, Kaja Malanowska to our agency !

kaja malanowska

Malanowska (born 1974) has published a short story collection and three novels, including “Fog”. Her debut novel, the autobiographical Drobne szaleństwa dnia codziennego [Small Madnesses of Everyday Life, 2010], established her as one of Poland’s most promising young writers. In 2012, her second novel Patrz na mnie, Klaro! [Look at Me, Klara!] was nominated for two of Poland’s most prestigious awards – Paszport Polityki and Nike (shortlist). Malanowska has been noted for her complex and realistic characters and her courage to address taboo subjects such as mental health or social and political justice issues. “Fog” is sort of experiment in writing for a broader readership: the fact that genre fiction functions according to strict parameters and is less forgiving than literary fiction challenged her to hone her craft as a writer. Malanowska is a columnist for the prominent left-wing intellectual periodical Krytyka polityczna (Political Critique) and has provoked public debate by highlighting the precarious conditions of writers in Poland. She holds a PhD in 2 bacterial genetics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and speaks fluent English. She is currently working on the prequel to “Fog” – a psychological thriller featuring the same female lead.