Book Of Protest

Excerpts from Book of Protest Against Trump's Muslim Ban

Kyung sook Shin writes..


I’m a Korean writer. I live in Seoul, but I often visit New York. One of the reasons I love visiting this great city is that it shows one great harmony like an orchestra, whose musicians are a number of immigrants from different cultural backgrounds. The streets of New York are filled with individuals that are different from each other and therefore, always exude freedom and vitality – and I get inspiration from this as a writer. I love this freedom New York freely gives out. I believe that all different energies from immigrants with a variety of countries of origin have built America today. While this country became great and strong thanks to the power of immigrants, how could it try to act against people’s freedom of movement? President Trump, please be confident and generous!         

Kyung sook Shin
 Man Asian Prize winner and NY Times Bestseller of Please Look After Mom

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