Heike Faller & Valerio Vidali

The Book of Life

Publishing date Germany: Spring 2018 Pages: 200
Rights: All territories and languages Translation in English available

In life you grow, gain experiences, adapt your beliefs, widen your horizon and learn your lessons. This beautifully illustrated gift book for all ages reflects 99 pieces of wisdom one finds during the circle of life.

The author talked to young and old people to find the 99 pieces of wisdom that show what one experiences during life. Encountering such things as gravity, how time passes, the change of love and the change of taste during lifetime or that life is not endless. Together with the beautiful illustrations each wisdom becomes a touching, poetic and sometimes funny little gem that will attract all ages. 

Heike Faller, born in 1967, has worked for the SZ Magazin, Brigitte and GEO Saison and is now an editor at the Zeitmagazin. Amongothers she has won the Axel-Springer-Prize and the Henri-Nannen-Prize for her work.

Valerio Vidali, was born in Lodi, Italy, in 1983. He graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan. He works and collaborates with many publishers and magazines and received awards for best picture book from The New York Times, The Huffington Post and others. He currently lives and works in Berlin.