Magic City

Winner of Scholastic PUSH Prize, when author was fifteen. He graduated from Dartmouth and Sarah Lawrence and is working on his first adult novel. Published by Scholastic- World English , Philip Wilson/Poland, Kinnert-Zmorra/Israel, Editora Bertrand/Brazil.


Post-traumatic stress disorder has sent Henry's life unraveling in the supposed paradise of Miami, Florida. His relationship with his depressive girlfriend is deteriorating and his friends are growing more and more distant. On top of that, his parents are constantly out of town on business, and (as he roughly calculates) he's on about 182,000 milligrams of medication a year. His life passes before him with the distance of a movie. Then Henry meets Charlie Brickell, notorious for his expulsion from their high school. Charlie is vulgar, clever, offensive, and amoral; he views all interaction as a power struggle, and life as a game with rules too boring not to be broken. As Henry's other relationships continue to decline, Charlie's outlook becomes Henry's reality. With the aggression of Fight Club, the stylistic creativity of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and the anguish and uncertainty of The Catcher in the Rye, Magic City is an angry, ragged and inventive first novel.